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The first Games Hotel in Italy
Play with us

Eat, Drink & Play

Drink and eat at your own time

Visit our Honesty Bar, where you can serve yourself food and drinks, noting what you take. We trust you!
Relax and enjoy the freedom of our Honesty Bar.

Play Bar

The first bar in Cervia by the sea where you can serve yourself

Game Room

The first seaside game room in Cervia where you can challenge your opponents online and offline

Retrogame & Boardgame

Challenge your friends to vintage games on the cabin cruiser or classic board games such as Monopoly or Risk

Grab & Go

If you want to have lunch under the umbrella take what you want from the buffet, create your own take-away brunch box both sweet and…


Not only breakfast but also brunch, from Bacon to Pancakes, from Nutella Croissants to Scrambled Eggs. Compose your breakfast until noon as you wish before starting…